It's time again

Words Marica Gobbatelli

The independent German label Düsseldorf Eyewear will take part in the main trade fair events to present their latest innovations

The main trade fair events in the eyewear industry are happening and Du?sseldorf Eyewear cannot be absent, as they present the latest innovations: the sunglasses ‘Rheinufer’ from the Affinity collection and the optical frame ‘Himmelgeist’.The first is a feminine, minimalistic and stylish model with a straight bridge that builds a nice contrast to the curved glasses. Made of full titanium it is very durable and completely antiallergenic and is available in the classic variant in gold with grey-green glasses and in many other stylish colour variations. The second mixes modern and smart design with stylish vintage vibes, with temples that are tapered with teardrop-shaped ends and represent a nice counterweight in optical and physical form.

The independent German label will also present the ‘Wire-Loop’, an adjustment tool considered for many new models and new editions of classical frames, that also forms a new product series within the Affinity collection. It is made of full titanium for lightness and stability, with a curved end that creates a clean look and ensures great comfort and fit, so that there is no need for the use of plastics or plasticizers. The ‘Wire-Loop’ is available in many different styles, like gun, silver, chrome, gold, green and black, each in a frosted or polished finish.

Moreover, for the second year in a row, the German company is part of Silmo Paris, where they present their classical frames and their new products. Three of them, the ‘Himmelgeist’, the ‘Rheinufer’ and the ‘Wire-Loop’ are patented by Du?sseldorf Eyewear for the Silmo D’OR Awards, in the categories Optical Frame ‘Brands & Label’, Sunglasses ‘Brands & Label’ and Technological Innovations in Eyewear respectively.

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