Emmanuelle Khanh

Boudoir Aesthetic

Words Erna Dzaferovic


Emmanuelle Khanh has collaborated with Alphonse Maitrepierre to create a limited edition eyewear: ‘Le Peigne’

The idea of creating a capsule collection of three sunglasses comes from an incredible desire for freedom and creativity, combining two different strong personalities. Eva Gaumé, the artistic director of Emmanuelle Khanh, and Alphonse Maitrepierre came up with hybrid sunglasses that boast trendy, functional and futuristic designs as well a stylish and couturelike aesthetic.

Maitrepierre’s creations are influenced by the spirit of youth and are based on the contrasting comparison between ready to wear and haute couture, with some historical references. His innovative style, merged with Gaumé’s love for contemporary femininity, gives life to a new perception of eyewear. ‘Le Peigne’, the rectangular frame based on EK 9010, has a unisex 80s style and comb-shaped temples in three unique colour variations: panther shell, dark acetate shell, green acetate shell.

“Combs as well as glasses are among the objects close to the body, and they carry a huge symbolic and emotional value which has always fascinated me” explains Eva Gaumé. The material is inspired by the tortoiseshell used in manufacturing both combs and eyewear accessories. The handmade capsule is entirely produced in France, more precisely in Oyonnax, and the pearl finish green shell is an exclusive touch for Emmanuelle Khanh.

As if the sunglasses weren’t impressive enough, each piece comes with a cleaning cloth made from recycled microfibre fabric decorated with Maitrepierre’s prints.

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