Piero Massaro


Words Editorial Staff


18, the new project by Piero Massaro is a sober and essential eyewear collection with a lot of meanings behind it.

The new project by Piero Massaro comes out with a number, 18: a minimalist, sober and essential eyewear collection, capable of riding classicism and elegance while remaining totally current and transversal. The unique detail of this collection is an innovative patented hinge that shows off its perfect cylindrical shape, on the head of the two screws peeps a triangle in relief that, symbolically, leads to Sicily whose symbol is precisely the Trinacria and triangular are also the terminals of the rods, but oriented specularly in respect to those on the screws, finally the nose pads of soft and transparent color, an unexpected and pleasant contrast with the monochromes or with the Havana of the fronts.

But why 18? Because the designer has a deep relationship with the numbers: not only the sum of the two digits gives 9, which is his favorite number, but if each is written horizontally, here they become respectively a rod and a front! Born with an artisan vocation and entirely made in Italy with high quality materials, the collection consists of six models, declined in three colors each: black, Havana and single-color, for a total of 18 positions! Eventually, 18 are also the years of Italiana Design, the headquarters where the collection was designed and produced.

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