Products | January 15, 2016

Impossible is possible

They are visionary, unexpected, stylish and innovative. They combine great ideas and high technology. They are inspiring and functonal. They are ambitious but more than wearable. They are the models that are going to shake up the way to wear the frames

words  Antonella Reina

Mykita + Maison Margiela
Python skin becomes an intellectual code in Transfer: the new model, born from the special collaboration between Mykita and Maison Margiela. Thanks to a modern handcraft, patterns and natural textures are meticulously lacquered by hand on to the stainless steel frame.

Have you ever seen sunglasses lenses protected by their own temples? The Movitra are patented spectacle frames, which, thanks to an internal mechanism, are able to do a rotation, so that the lenses are protected by the overlapping of the temples on both sides.

Geometric is the new frame created by the green brand Sumboo. It combines a unique design with Zeiss lenses and a special cellulose acetate derived from organic and sustainable fibers, making the sunglasses %100 biodegradable.

Super by Retrosuperfuture
Style, functionality and innovation just in one frame. The collection Tuttolente, literally all-lens, features sunglasses made entirely of top-notch Zeiss lenses, where structure, lenses and arms of the piece are carved out of a single sheet of material, kept together by minute metal detailing.

ic! berlin
From the ic! Innovation lab comes I see exoskeleton. This new frame, inspired by the molecular structure of the row material Plotic, features an intricate, scaffold-like construction, prominent oversized brow and innovative new printed screwless hinge.

Tomas Maier
As fashionable as technic, this frame by Tomas Maier comes from his first eyewear collection that will be launched for the next season. It features colour contrast bi-layer acetate rims obtained by a thermo-forming process and palm tree pattern finely engraved by laser inside the temples.