Brands | February 20, 2016

Hapterìa, where ideas are forged

HAPTER has a new workshop, where hard industrial-grade and soft artisanal materials merge together. Welcome into the master makers world

words Carolina Saporiti

HAPTER collection TXTL001 features a trademark tactile expressiveness obtained by a special fusion of surgical stainless steel and high-end fabrics by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, influenced by the 1920s and 1940s military uniform archives. Combining unprecedented contemporary technology and handmade sensitivity, HAPTER brings traditional manufacturing to the next level, thanks to the re-training of what they call «the master makers»: evolved artisans that can use their know-how and skills to create handmade products in which technology plays its role. The aspiration is clear: through exhaustive research into alternative productive methods, HAPTER wants to be a conceptual bridge between the industry of eyewear and the productive worlds of soft, prestigious, innovative, artisanal and expressive materials, and the artisans who are the heirs of a centuries-long tradition of working with them, lowering the technical and cultural barriers that have kept them far up till now.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet (William Blake).

In HAPTER, mountains are a perpetual source of inspiration. Inspired by an old pair of military goggles discovered on the Dolomite Mountains in 2009, HAPTER reproduces the sensorial connection between the visual and the materials of this unique landscape. And Hapterìa, the new workshop, is located in the epicenter of it, specifically in the old burg of Belluno, a secluded Italian village nestled within these mountains. Hapterìa is in essence a laboratory of contemporary art – handiwork and technology overlap and are combined with alchemy, formulae and a meticulously planned process – where the end product is a compound of both sensorial craftsmanship and industrial appeal.

The higher you climb on the mountain, the harder the wind blows (Sam Cummings).

As mountaineers approach the mountains in many different ways, adapting to the specific environmental conditions they find on the way, HAPTER aimed at sharing their very peculiar vision of what should be a contemporary eyewear brand rooted in the memories of the past, through a skillful use of images and, especially, videos. Initially it was The Origin (as seen on ), a short-film transmitting the atmosphere and visual grandeur that influenced the concept of HAPTER glasses: a romantic hero that in one time context is involved in mountaineering exploration, and in the other is immersed in the meditation that characterizes the art of hand-crafting glasses. More recently HAPTER released Uncovered (as seen on ), unveiling the uniqueness of its manufacturing technique, where hard industrial-grade and soft artisanal materials merge together. Both The Origin and Uncovered are clear proof how hands and interactivity are the central elements of this all Italian project, and no wonder they choose the name HAPTER for it, after the process of recognizing objects through touch.