Products | February 15, 2016

Revolutionary Weight

Metal is the protagonist when it comes to explore the concept of lightness. barely-there metal frames delicately outline angular and round shapes, tracing a subtle graphic effect. Brow-bars and lens appear suspended in mid-air, creating fine optical illusions

words  Sandra Battistel

The see-through material of the front, tonal to the ZEISS glare protective lenses creates a real sense of ethereal lightness, while the screw-less hinges emphasize this high-tech, yet fashion forward design.

With a clever play on words and high-end engineering, Hoet Couture is a collection of frames designed to create a sense of lightness through a mesh effect obtained by 3D printing titanium metal.

Gentle Monster
“Love Punch” is a signature style for the Korean brand’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. A fine metal bar runs across the frame, emphasizing the angular shape of the lens and creating a sophisticated, avant-garde look.

With style “Glory2” – based on a bolder acetate frame released in 2010 – RVS wanted to give the shape a lighter feel and released the same design in ultra-light steal, while hand painting the frame in the brand’s signature bold colours.

Markus T
The German brand developed a range of shapes made of 1 mm thin titanium wire. The hinge elegantly connects the front and temples as well as two high quality materials: Titan and TMi – a light and recyclable synthetic material.

Style “Wire Zero” is a novel combination for this high fashion brand. The starting point was the classic, rounded wire frame; this was then dressed in a selection of metallic colours, polishes and paired with ultra flat glass lens.