Profiles | November 11, 2016

In the name of design

Impeccable style, timeless design, contemporary elegance. Thanks to its special mindset, Lindberg creates an innovative eyewear while remaining true to its Danish roots

words Antonella Reina

In eyewear, if you say design, you say Lindberg. The small Danish company, based in the city of Aarhus, is renowned for making products immediately recognizable, thanks to innovative ideas and construction methods that have broken new ground in technical features and materials, and opened up new markets for high-impact fashion eyewear.

Back in the early 1980s, the brand revolutionized eyewear design making lightweight glasses using just titanium wire to hold the lenses in place. For the first time ever, glasses could be attractive and functional without being clunky, heavy and prone to getting broken. The story started with a young graduate architect, Henrik Lindberg, and his father Poul-Jørn Lindberg, as Mr Henrik Lindberg remembers: “In 1984, I graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture in Denmark, and I had my start working in that field. Around the same time, my father, who is an optometrist, had been working on an idea for our first glasses – AIR Titanium – with the famous Danish architect Hans Dissing. My father was very creative when it came to choosing materials from which to craft eyewear, and one day he consulted me about some manufacturing problems. After analyzing the situation, we realized that the production of our eyewear would require investments of time and money, as well as more manpower. That’s how I ended up coming onboard full-time.” It didn’t take long for them to gain the first recognition, “A few years after my father started the business in 1984/85, I was particularly proud when we made our first breakthrough by appearing on a Danish TV program about design hosted by the designer Per Arnoldi.”

Since that time the company has won an unprecedented number of gilt-edged awards for design and technical achievement and its designs have a particularly strong following among architects and design aficionados in general. This is probably because Lindberg frames don’t just look delectable: even details you can’t see are superbly engineered and crafted. Often the point lies in what isn’t there, no welds, screws, rivets or hinges. “Design is a way of thinking, about shapes, materials, craftsmanship, and comfort, as well as business ethics and technical innovation. It’s an idea about trying to do everything better, – explains Henrik – That’s why the company is obsessed by every detail, every process and every action in designing and manufacturing Lindberg eyewear.” This impeccable style focused on minimalistic design certainly comes from the brand Danish roots. You may see Scandinavian style’s influences in every Lindberg model, and the owner well knows it: “The whole Lindberg mindset about design, technical excellence and superb craftsmanship is rooted in the long-standing Danish tradition of functional design, focused on the remarkable characteristics of high-quality materials and the no-frills minimalism – devoid of merely decorative embellishments and visual noise – that results.” Moreover, Lindberg mindset, as well as Danish society, is relatively practical, egalitarian and informal, with high expectations regarding honesty, mutual trust, and good ethics. This permeates Lindberg’s general way of doing business. A business with a personal approach to eyewear that aims to make each frame customized to the face, appearance and personal taste of the wearer. But Lindberg preoccupation about good design extends way behind the frames, encompassing packaging, displays and Interior Design (LID) in-store solutions, advertising materials and everything that makes even the tiniest contribution to ways that people experience Lindberg and its products: all conceived, designed and developed in-house. And talking about the future, the brand aims “to keep on making a difference in the world of eyewear and doing our best.” We have no dubts.