Notes | January 11, 2018

Greek alphabet collection

The best inventions are those that are timeless, Ørgreen Optics pays homage to Greek language

words Editorial Staff

Back to the origins: Ørgreen Optics pays homage to the Greek alphabet, source of eternal inspiration, constituting the very origin
of all languages of the West. As the Greek language Ørgreen Optics wants to create a collection that could be last forever, because good design will be always good design.

The eyewear collection responds to the growing desire in consumers to assert individuality across the spectrums of gender, season, and style, as it offers a diverse and eclectic variety of takes on Ørgreen’s classic minimalist aesthetic through a collection of vibrant mono-, two-tone, and electro-constrast color stories uniquely crafted by our skilled in-house team. Winter hues of Mat Vanilla mix with summer hues of Mat Bronze in a new and daring two-tone tortoise color story on the inside of several frames, while brand new colors, such as the alluring Mat Moon Black, further invites the wearer to discover their own take on 21st century eyewear, and to embrace it as a potent platform for sartorial self-expression.