Brands | February 23, 2018

Seasonal colours

Playing with the layers and colours of the smørrebrød framework, Fleye Copenhagen took it a step further for a bright and creative Spring/Summer 2018

words Antonella Reina

Creativity has no boundaries. At the same time inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. This is what we learned from the latest Fleye Copenhagen collections, dedicated to Scandinavian food culture. They are the result of a very special mix of art, food, innovative solutions, subtle craftsmanship and perfect fit. But let’s start from the beginning. The new Fleye Copenhagen frames are inspired by the colours, textures and layering of the Danish smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich that is an important part of Danish heritage and reflects the Nordic way of thinking of food visually. Smørrebrød caught the brand’s attention because of its layered construction which could be transformed in a design game of solid and transparent acetates. So they asked the Danish gourmet chef Rasmus Kjaer to create two exclusive sandwiches with seasonal ingredients (the mackerel and the lobster) which could inspire the colours and shapes of the new frames.

By deconstructing the sandwiches, the team created a new aesthetic for the Spring/Summer 2018 Signature collection, featuring an interesting ‘frame within a frame’ impression; characterised by more brighter, summery feminine colours to start
off the spring.