Brands | February 23, 2018

New in at Delirious Eyewear

Precious and difficult to work with, water buffalo horn requires high craftsmanship skills and allows for the creation of unique glasses characterised by its striking veining

words Elisa Zanetti

Bubalus, Eskimo and Inuit collections by Delirious Eyewear. Now enjoying constant commercial growth, the Italian brand stands out by not offering a logo on its frames or offering the possibility to customise its glasses. It continues on its path of qualitative research into materials and manufacturing production.

Having an ancient history and extremely prestigious, buffalo horn requires great skill to process, as it can easily flake or break. The choice of a natural material also guarantees a unique result, with original veining appearing in both lighter and darker shades. The Bubalus collection (from the Latin Bubalus Bubalis) recalling with its name the choice of the material and characterised by rounded lines. Eskimo and Inuit instead pay tribute to the tribes who from the extreme north of Alaska invented glasses. They used dark masks made from bone to protect themselves from the reflection of the snow, with a thin horizontal cut to see through. With its squared lines, Eskimo recalls the shape of these first glasses, while Inuit has rectangular shapes with rounded corners. All three collections are available in a total black, a clear speckled beige and brown versions and have transparent certified Zeiss lenses with a UV-400 filter and eight layers of red anti-reflection.