Brands | February 7, 2018

More than glasses

When America meets Italy and the result isn’t only pineapple pizza. Tavat, the American brand based in Cavat del Tomba shows how opposites attract, creating a marvellous combination

words Giulia De Martin

Green hills and tasty fresh Prosecco, the fragrant perfume of the countryside and the metallic sound of man crea ng beauty by hand. The pure joy of the old school Italian way of life and the luxurious chaos of endless industrial rush. Tavat, an american company with a transatlantic entrepreneurial state of mind, challenged the Trump stereotype by putting its roots in a tiny village in the middle of the gentle Veneto hills. Why? Cavaso del Tomba was the right choice in order to perfectly embody the philosophy by which Tavat was conceived: the brand is dedicated to working with independent opticians helping them differentiate from their competition. In order to do that it
was necessary to focus on innovative and unique products and, most of all, to tell a sellable story to demanding customers. Tavat is both a family business and an international business combined, with a strong connection to the American market. However, locating the offices in Cavaso del Tomba gave the company a big hand, and may I say, a heart: the heart of the Italian manufacturing industry. This location offers Tavat great access to working with true artisans and the opportunity to create very complicated products, impossible to produce at an industrial level. Also, America is well-known in the world or recognizing talent, supporting
the underdog, and building an entrepreneurial business. By taking this mentality and applying it to the optical market in Europe, Tavat was given the chance to try and challenge traditional business models. If ever you needed more of a reason to fall
in love with this brand, let me say that, as in all the best stories, it came from a childhood dream in front of several beers.

Tavat is a name that has followed Jeremy Baines since he was a kid. Simple and also a palindrome, it came to life when Baines challenged his dear friend Normal Schureman, professor at the Art Center College of Pasadena, to create the ultimate classic frame inspired by the evergreen aviator. We will never know if the two were drinking beer, wine or the nest Prosecco when Schureman was dared to create the impossible, but what
we know for sure is that the ex-Cam Sunglass Collection was launched in 2010. Today, the father-daughter duo, Jeremy and Roberta, work together
to bring life something that is more than glasses, something that is more than technology or business; instead, something that embodies what
mixing and matching really means:
the crea on of re ned beauty and never seen before wonders. “Building a brand is one of the hardest business challenges, but we at Tavat believe our brand can be a unifying force globally; telling a story with products and personal recommendations by recognised experts, incorporating the needs of the independent professional in order to be successful during all stages of growth together,” states Jeremy Baines.