Notes | March 29, 2018

Götti Switzerland – octagonal shape

The new Dexon sunglasses provide personality in spades with their octagonal shape

words Editorial Staff

It’s a game of shapes the one proposed by The new Dexon sunglasses by Götti Switzerland. Cubist and futuristic – and perhaps a bit daring at first, Dexon is characterized by octagonal shape. Fine-rimmed glasses demand bold shapes. But thanks to their filigree execution in the nest titanium, a surprising harmony arises. Together with a fine temple that ends in a round tip, the wearer feels unparalleled comfort. The cylindrical end of the frames gives the end of the temple its unmistakable Götti look. With shimmering copper and gold or the semi-gloss black, the Dexton’s futuristic style becomes an eye-catcher.