Interviews | June 19, 2018

Q&A – Sunday Somewhere

An important partnership and the same, cool, state of mind. Let’s learn something more about an exciting new chapter for the brand

words Cayce Pollard

Last year saw the partnership created between Brando Eyewear and Australian sunglasses label Sunday Somewhere, a venture that will give the brand access to an expansive supply chain network and accelerate sales growth. We spoke to Cameron Parker, Global Brand Director of Sunday Somewhere about what this means for the brand and its distinctive ‘state of mind’.

2017 has been an important year for Sunday Somewhere. What does the new partnership with Brando represent for the brand?

Last year was truly important. It was like seeing your baby off on their first day of school. We’re still a relatively new eyewear brand therefore the journey has seen us go from crawling to walking and now with the partnership with Brando, ready to run. It’s an exciting new chapter for us as we’re able to tap into some of the industry’s best talent and benefit from state-of-the-art resources.

How has the brand evolved since it was launched in 2011?

The heart and soul of the brand is the same as it was back in 2011. We were born under the Australian sun; our laid-back, can-do attitude along with a hunger for adventure is in our DNA. However, over the years we have become more confident in our storytelling.

Has the Sunday Somewhere ‘state of mind’ evolved as well since 2011?

It was always there but we didn’t have it as clearly articulated as we do now. Everyone in our team is a pupil of the daydream with a genuine hunger to explore.

What do you believe are Sunday Somewhere’s key strengths after 6 years in the industry?

Consumers are looking for brands that stand for something bigger than a range of product benefits. They want brands to embody an inspiring ethos, to bring a strong point of view and take action to make a positive impact on the world. In just over six years we have built a lifestyle brand that embodies the interest, attitudes and opinions of our community.

If we look to the future, how do you think an eyewear brand like Sunday Somewhere can evolve in the years ahead?

It’s important to look beyond the product at hand, we want to further nurture our community as we evolve. This includes partnering with like-minded brands that share a similar narrative and leverage off each other’s strengths and specialities.

Where is your emphasis today as a brand?

Our Community. Consumers no longer listen to what brands say about themselves. Instead, they go on social media to learn what others are saying about them. We place a huge amount of emphasis, time and energy on connecting with our community.

Are there particular markets you still have your eye on when it comes to further expansion?

To be everywhere and anywhere. With our new partnership with Brando we can truly focus on growing our global footprint in leading optical and fashion stores.

What do you expect from Mido this year?

In your opinion, in what direction has the eyewear sector evolved over the years?

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Welcoming people to our booth to enjoy a Moscow Mule and then sitting back and listening to our specially curated Spotify playlist  whilst closing their eyes for a massage. We want people to experience our Sunday State of Mind in a usually hectic trade show environment. So come say G’day!

From what we’ve seen over the past few years, it’s been the growth of independent eyewear brands. We’ve all seen the opportunity to carve out our own special and unique niche and to be more nimble when compared to the usual big power players in the industry.