Notes | July 12, 2018

JF Rey – Something new from SoHo 

Launched less than a year ago, the SoHo collection is enriched by new pieces by always preserving the same freshness

words Editorial Staff

Good ideas always bring good news: this is why the SoHo collection by JF Rey adds new pieces by always preserving the same freshness and the same modernity than the first concepts. SoHo Collection is a line of optical metal frames inspired by the cultural and architectural spirit of the Soho neighborhood. Colourful, very thin and extremely light, the line on offers boast a graphic, urban and trendy style. Metal, acetate or combined, the collection counts today no less than 16 concepts among which SH2008 with its atypical form or the model SH2007, a cute round shape. Bright yellow, luminous anise green, vitamin orange or vibrant red … the colors draw on vibrant pop palettes that emphasize the contemporary style of the metal frames and flatter the silhouette. While the acetate or combined models favor the elegance by using more classic and chic color charts.