Notes | November 22, 2018

Ørgreen Optics – Minimal Vintage 

In Spring 2018 Ørgreen Optics announced the first tier of the Minimal Vintage Collection, now the second one is out

words Editorial Staff

Minimal Vintage Collection by Ørgreen Optics is back and the brand is proud to announce the second part. The collection is in acetate with four female and one male style taking some bold risks on color such as Transparent Purple, Red Havana and Black + Tangerine. The Stef and Michelle frames are not your regular cats eye throw-back design, the colours are much more graphic with unique details on the corners. Transparent colours are the protagonist with nude, rose & blush shades, blending beautifully with the thicker tones creating more definitive accents on the curves and the design of the frames. These abstract blends of old and new and soft and bold are a proud addition to the Ørgreen family, shapes and tones that highlight the face, bringing you in to listen not to distract from the message or conversation we want to give to each other.