Notes | April 15, 2019

Etnia Barcelona withdraws “A Bigger Splash”

Etnia Barcelona withdraws its latest advertising campaign, “A Bigger Splash.”

words Editorial Staff

Here below the official statement by Etnia Barcelona regarding its latest campaign.

‘Etnia Barcelona withdraws his latest advertising campaign, “A Bigger Splash.” We do it because artistically, it is not at the level of others we have done. But that’s not the main reason: the real cause stems from us not being able to convey what we wanted and this led to it being perceived as sending a sexist and chauvinistic message. The intention, inspired by David Hockney’s namesake, was exactly the opposite: to caricaturize and even show how ridiculous stereotypes, luckily overcome by today’s society, truly are, in spite of the fact that there still remains much to do. But that doesn’t matter because the result is, in fact, that it is. And the result is so due to people’s reaction to the campaign.

The damage is done and the only way in our hands to make amends now, is to withdraw the campaign, as well as offering our most sincere apology to all people who may have felt offended. That and learning, because that’s what mistakes are for, after all. We are confident that in our next campaign, we will be up to the task of telling our stories better and showing what is behind the brand.

We aren’t withdrawing this campaign because we want to clean up our image, but to show that this is not our image: that Etnia Barcelona is something else. Etnia is a project built from the ground up, an honest project brought up with the hard work of women and men for years that is not reflected in the unfortunate sight of this poster. Etnia is true and it is also humble.

Our company is indeed reflected in its previous campaigns, such as África, with Steve McCurry, inspired by the colors of the continent, by its villages, by their nature; Klein’s, where we start looking at art directly; the Basquiat, where we continue working on that effort; the #BeAnartist. It’s not a coincidence that our first fair stand was Jaume Amigó’s work. Because Etnia has a commitment to art, in addition to a well-established social engagement; it is not in vain that the company has a foundation that distributes glasses without looking for anything in return to those who cannot afford them and takes part in different charitable actions around the world. That’s Etnia Barcelona and not the campaign we’re withdrawing today.

Once again, we apologize for not having heard the message correctly. And for any inconvenience we may have caused you as a result’.