Brands | November 25, 2019

Delirious Eyewear – Big In Japan

Delirious Eyewear moves its acetate production to the Land of the Rising Sun, choosing a slow-ageing material which is significantly more stable and long-lasting

words Elisa Zanetti

Italian design and Japanese craftsmanship – this is how to best sum up Delirious Eyewear’s new adventure. The brand founded by Marco Lanero has recently started acetate production in the Land of the Rising Sun in a process of continuous research for greater quality – both in the choice of materials and in processing. “It all started with some trips where I visited eyewear shops and Japanese factories,” says Lanero. “I was fascinated by the skill and extreme attention to detail applied in the processing of acetate, so I decided to move this type of production there.” Delirious uses acetate from Takiron, a Japanese company that offers a material with a slow-ageing process of six months, which can significantly increase the durability of the glasses. “Unlike what happens in Italy, where a flat tablet of material is cut at different angles, which is then demarcated, in Japan, first the glasses are put in oil and then folded and cut; this enables the glasses to be created with a shape,” explains Lanero. This process makes the glasses more stable, remaining unchanged even if left for hours on the dashboard of the car in the scorching sun. “In Japan, even the processes of tumbling and polishing are more accurate and a strict, final quality control ensures the best possible result. I saw glasses that to me seemed perfect, being blocked and remade,” says Lanero. The production also boasts UV400 lenses with blue anti-reflection coating to protect the eyes from the screens of our devices and has adjustable nosepieces in titanium able to give an excellent fit, even for people with oriental features.