Interviews | April 20, 2020

A chat with… Corrado Rosson

Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’, Corrado Rosson takes flight with his new brand and his third Silmo D’Or award. More than just a bird…

words Alessandra Albarello

Let’s start with Lightbird: where do the name and logo come from?

The name Lightbird comes from the desire – I would say almost the need – for positivity! The logo depicts a bird with a big heart against a background that is yellow, like sunlight. I love representing it with long legs, ready to take flight. I think it conveys our values in a simple manner.

Its debut on the market in 2019 was marked by a Silmo D’Or award. In your previous ‘lives’, you had already won two… So yours is a story that stands out from afar. Can you tell us about it?

It’s true, I can’t complain about a lack of professional satisfaction in my career. In fact, I took this third Silmo D’Or as a kind of professional confirmation. I believe that work carried out with passion and
dedication always brings results in the end. However, I think it is important to make it clear that, although a product finds its starting point in the mind of a designer, it is always the result of a great team effort. You cannot go far alone.

Where would you go?

The flight has just begun, and in my dreams I would like to be able to bring Lightbird’s philosophy and design out into the world by developing products that are not related only to the world of eyewear but also to other areas that are nevertheless connected to our values and innovations. Lightbird aspires to be a brand that keeps up with the times, including by taking advantage of digital technology.

It embodies poetry, freshness and lightness, but there is also a strong link to modernity and new technologies, as in the case of the QR code. Whereas the ‘nest’ becomes the haven for a new community… How do they work and what advantages do they offer?

Lightbird encapsulates a world of values that can be identified as a ‘nest’ ready to welcome those who wish to share these same values. In fact, technology is the means by which Lightbird manages to establish a particular bond with opticians and helps them to secure customer loyalty. This relationship is established through the company website which is called ‘Light_Nest’ and makes it possible to read the product code integrated in the QR code, located at the end of each pair of glasses. This simple digital connection brings benefits to all the figures involved: the company, the opticians and the end customers. Lightbird therefore wants to be perceived not only as a company that designs and produces glasses, but above all else as a real world to be a part of; a world where values, style and innovation bring the company, opticians and end consumers into direct dialogue with one another.

Any other innovations?

Innovation is part of the brand’s DNA and this is also true from the point of view of production. In fact, Lightbird has patented a glueing system called Light_Matter which is linked to the use of two different materials: light aluminium alloy, an extremely light material with half the weight of titanium, and Italian acetate. They are made therefore from metal/acetate ‘sandwich’ plates and are subsequently worked in the traditional way by expert Italian craftsmen. This ‘miracle’ is made possible thanks to the use of very high-performance adhesives which derive from the aerospace sector. The innovative Light_Matter composite material makes it possible to play on colour contrasts between the two materials which make up the front. They range from the Mirror ‘Natural Light’ combined with a very modern Etheric Pink acetate, to the Hi-Tech Anthracite ‘Light off’ combined with plastics in bright shades such as Light Orange, then there are more tone-on-tone options, such as Bright Black.

The new Businessman, Flower, Snake and Baobab models presented at Mido were inspired by The Little Prince, as was the new image campaign. What is the spirit of the Light_Matter collection and what does it have in common with the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?

Since the debut in 2019, I have included iconic and imaginary elements inspired by the great novel The Little Prince. In addition to this, in 2020, the image campaign was linked to the famous phrase taken from the masterpiece by celebrated French writer and aviator Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” I have always loved this story and so I wanted to pay homage to this icon of wisdom, sentiment and courage; precisely because these values perfectly match the brand’s philosophy. Many of the names of the models in the first Lightbird collection were inspired by places and characters in the novel, for example, Heart, Rose, Planet, Desert, Fox, King, Vulcan, Prince and Asteroid. The aim of this was to enhance aspects of passion and love for the manufacture of products which are entirely made in Italy.