Brands | June 24, 2020

A new eyewear culture

Designed in London, handmade in Italy, Covrt Project is the brand new independent label that wants to define a new eyewear culture

words Editorial Staff

‘In streetwear there’s a massive appreciation for product and limited editions. I would love to define a new culture where there’s the same appreciation for eyewear and independent brands of our industry.’ This statement by Marcello Martino, founder of Covrt Project, makes it very clear what the mission of the brand founded in London in 2019 is. The first Covrt Project Sunglasses collection is called _Mission One and features premium acetate silhouettes as well as milled steel styles. The collection has been designed in London by Marcello Martino and realized in one of the most advanced eyewear factories in northern Italy: ‘It was important for us that the frames were made in Italy. I think there is a certain emotion when eyewear is handmade.’

AS Series, the acetate frames

The three AS styles of _Mission One collection are made of Premium Mazzucchelli acetate and differ from everything you can find on the market. The outstanding design and the technical solutions used in AS Series challenge the status quo: ‘The AS2 model has a very particoular detail. The idea was to create a reflective shadow around the lens, so when the lens has a mirror effect you get a shimmering effect without distorting the view. Creating this with a base 2 lens required a lot of trials, but we made it.’

MP Series, the black CNC milled steel frames

The four steel frames of _Mission One collection by Covrt Project are fresh and full of distinctive marks such as the visible screws. Every model shines for its unique details, from the cut away lenses of MP1 and MP4 to the metal top bar mounted on MP3. Most of them require additional fine machine work than usual: ‘We want to showcase the cutting-edge technical craft that our industry has to offer.’