Notes | June 12, 2020

Lindberg – Strip3p collection

Minimalist and elegant, light and stable, Lindberg introduces a new way to be rimlesss

words Editorial Staff

The strip3p collection is a modern and fashionable take on rimless eyewear. The collection features a more prominent front and temple. This results in a fuller, more pronounced rimless design that still only weighs 2.9 grams. The front mounting technique gives a bold, yet refined expression and allows a new generation of wearers to experience the lightness of rimless eyewear. With front mount technique and a design stripped of all unnecessary elements, Lindberg has created a collection that is as technologically advanced as it is minimalist and elegant. Stability and lightness characterize the collection, made without any screws, rivets or welds.

Everyone can make his strip3p glasses, with Lindberg groundbreaking building system. The collection contains both square and round glasses that are customisable to fit any face shape and there are also 35 different titanium colours.  And there’s something more: groove colour is a subtle detail but it can be an important part of customising your eyewear. Use your favourite colour to elegantly outline the shape of your rimless glasses and make the invisible visible.