Fairs | September 2, 2020

Enjoy Eyewear Again is coming!

A new fair to discover contemporary eyewear: this is the best way to introduce Enjoy Eyewear Again, the event that will take place on the 7th September on the lake of Garda

words Editorial Staff

Are you ready to discover something new? Next week, on the 7th September, from 9 am, Enjoy Eyewear Again will take place in the beautiful location of Villa Avanzi, in Polpenazze del Garda (BS). Eyebook is official media partner of this event dedicated to those who want to discover the world of contemporary eyewear. Enjoy Eyewear Again will introduce twenty ideas, projects, technologies and the event will also be the occasion to speak with designers and entrepreneurs with a good glass of local wine. We spoke with Alessandro Fedalto, founder of Enjoy Eyewear Again to discover more about this new fair.

How did the idea of Enjoy Eyewear Again come about?

Enjoy Eyewear Again was born from a small group of brands with the aim of joining forces and bringing together brands and opticians while enjoying a glass of Franciacorta and looking at the news of market. We have the common goal of giving to opticians in the area the opportunity to touch design, projects, technologies and meet the designers and entrepreneurs who make them. The date of 7th September was one of the first possible and in any case it is now that the season must start again.

What do you think will be the strengths of this new formula?

The real collaboration and synergy born between all of us; the precise segmentation of the participating brands; the limited number of participants and the location.

In the period of Covid-19, the name of the fair is very evocative and seems to dispel a taboo…

Enjoy Eyewear Again means we never give up and we will never give up. We must emphasize the enormous efforts that medium and small brands have to face in a context that is difficult, but also beautiful because it is also full of news, research, technologies and sometimes hazards that make our sector fascinating.

You are aware that you will be the first to launch an event like this, after many cancellations of fairs. Does this responsibility scare you?

We are driven mainly by a need and by the desire to go back to work to excite opticians who, like us, have suffered this pandemic, which is still ongoing. We sincerely hope that this day, for an infinitesimal part of the market, can also stimulate other opticians to do continuous research, in order to always have the most beautiful stories in the shop, for them and their end customers.

Do you believe that your formula can represent the future of trade fairs? And how did the other brands respond (after all they are your competitors…)? And the opticians?

We are all extremely excited, we are always in touch and we are putting all the best improvements and precautions together. Before becoming “competitors”, however, we still have a long way to go, also because it is opticians and the market who decide and reward the ideas that best suit them. On the other hand, it was the opticians themselves who asked us for an effective and efficient way to see and touch more news in a short time and with a quality of offer commensurate with their strategies. In any case, I like to think that at this stage this is the wisest path to take and the glue that unites us today could be an even more decisive strength tomorrow. So Enjoy Eyewear Again.

Picture by Gabriele Bernasconi