Notes | October 15, 2020

Dalloz – Sustainability as a trademark

Since its debut Dalloz Creations has always been driven by respect for the environment. The new BioNylon material marks another cornerstone on the path of sustainable innovation

words Enrico S. Benincasa

Minimizing the environmental impact of its activities while taking steps forward in creating something new and sustainable, are the two pillars of the Dalloz Creations philosophy. This combination has brought the French lens company to launch products able to change the ‘status quo’ of the market. It happened in 2010 with The Cridal, a sustainable lens for eyeglass manufacturers without BPA and phlatates, and it’s happening again in 2020 with BioNylon. BioNylon is a revolutionary biobased lens material obtained from an ecological resin derived from castor oil. This material happens to be more sustainable than others for two main reasons: unlike other plants, the castor plant grows in semi-arid areas and doesn’t overlap with important food crops, and moreover, compared to other lenses, the production of BioNylon lenses requires less energy, giving a consequent reduction of CO2 emissions. The material has many interesting features: it’s lightweight, with excellent transparency and remarkable light transmission; it’s hypoallergenic, PBA and phlatates free and blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays; it’s really resistant and is compatible with acetate and rimless frames. The work of Dalloz Creations hasn’t slowed down with the introduction of BioNylon: the company continues to present new colours for sun lenses and shields, the anticipated biggest trends of the eyewear market. All products can be made in this new material: available in solid or gradient shades, glitter, polarized, fully respecting the most relevant international standards and with excellent optical clarity.

The effort towards becoming a more sustainable company is pushing Dalloz Creations to make changes in different areas of its business. The aim as always is to transform ideas into high-performance products with tangible aesthetic relevance, whilst respecting the environment and the world in which we live. Machinery and devices have been replaced with new ones in order to reduce daily waste and energy and water consumption, particularly by the use of electrical injection molding machines. In addition to this, Dalloz Creations is working together with its local suppliers to decrease transport freight and minimize CO2 emissions. Rejected lenses are treated in several ways in order to recycle as many as possible, whilst the logistics have been changed and currently production is working only on demand, with a zero-stock policy.

Today the path towards a more sustainable world is clear and in order to build it the French lens company has fully embraced the challenges that we are all facing. BioNylon is a huge step in the right direction, merging innovation and care for the environment. This approach should not be limited solely to products, it has to be adopted within every aspect of a company’s activity; Dalloz Creations is clearly doing so.