Brands | October 21, 2020

Fleye Copenhagen – Elements of art 

A trip to Thorvaldsens Museum inspires Fleye Copenhagen in the creation of its new collection. Every frame is the intersection of craft and art

words Editorial Staff

Fleye Copenhagen’s journey for the enhancement of Danish excellence continues, and now it is the turn of Thorvaldsens Museum – purpose built and dedicated to the neoclassical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). In addition to the great artist, it is the museum itself that deserves a tribute. It was Thorvaldsens himself who left many of his works to the community so that they could be collected and shown to the public. A walk through the museum provides a riot of colours – brightly coloured walls, richly decorated ceilings and mosaic doors, all of which were selected to enhance the impact of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s marble sculptures and plaster models. A trip to Thorvaldsens Museum led to the inspiration process for the collection Elements of Art, where Fleye’s design team sought to combine elements of architecture with the art of the museum.

The design team began experimenting with molding, recalling the preliminary process of creating marble sculptures, put into the context of the present. Rather than molding and casting in clay, the designers began creating soap in various forms, colours and patterns taken from the museum. Afterwards the geometrical blocks of soap were stacked on top of each other, creating art sculptures and visions for the new designs. The fascinating, almost graphical art sculptures inspired the designs in the collection. Solid block colours and intriguing patterns from the museum have been transferred to the eyewear designs in new colourways and engravings, with patterns and transparencies created by light reflections. Each frame is the intersection of craft and art and represents Fleye’s vision for modern designs crafted to last.