Notes | November 25, 2020

Einstoffen – ‘Mountains and Valleys’ collection

Einstoffen’s new collection ‘Mountains and Valleys’ is a restart after the ups and downs of the past few months and an affectionate homage to nature. 

words Editorial Staff

The new collection by Einstoffen is called ‘Mountains & Valleys’ and reflects the ups and downs – the mountains and valleys- of people after these past few months. This collection has also been strongly inspired by mountaineering and the raw natural beauty of the Alps and it is a tribute to Switzerland, which is an endless succession of peaks and valleys. 

‘Mountains and Valleys’ features many of Eintosffen’s qualities like original material-combinations, sustainable materials, and stunning attention to detail. The new collection has a lot of special characteristics: daring shapes and combinations, clear focus on stability and micro-engravings with mountain flower motifs.