Interviews | November 5, 2020

Q&A – So-Ya

Matteo Pontello talks about the brand he founded, that, with the ‘help’ of a triangle, merges creativity and beauty in very special styles

words Editorial Staff

Can you help us understand the meaning of ‘So-Ya’?

I have worked in the eyewear field as designer for the past 18 years. Four years ago I created my own brand, So-Ya. I think this word has something magical about it for many reasons, and I like the fact that its sound resembles the expression ‘So Yeah’. I put a triangle in the middle of So-Ya, a geometric shape that symbolizes an antenna able to capture creativity, beauty and intuition. The payoff ‘vertical connection’ wants to strengthen this concept.

Why did you choose a triangle?

It happened by chance when I was sketching a frame. I was with a friend, who noticed that I put three rivets on it. She told me that I could have done something different, so I just connected the three dots and a triangle came out. I kept it because it’s a shape that expresses my idea of creativity.

What are the materials you are using for So-Ya models?

I’m working with premium acetate made in Italy, like Mazzucchelli and La-Es. I also work with a very thin and hypoallergenic steel. This choice allows me to create lightweight and comfortable metal glasses, without making compromises concerning fitting.

What are the main items that you have recently released?

I recently launched two new acetate sunglasses named Edi and Edra: both of them have voluminous shapes but are comfortable to wear. There’s also a new steel model, Ranya, that I created in partnership with the Italian optical store, Le Lunetier: I also created a combined pendant for this frame that is available for their brand, Hook

You recently started a collaboration with Angelo Di Stefano. Why did you choose to work with him?

I thought that establishing a strong partnership was the best thing to do for So-Ya, and for me, Angelo is the right person to work with. He has enthusiasm, energy and the will to do great things with So-Ya.

What’s your opinion on the future of independent eyewear?

I think that today it is even more necessary to study and try to be better as professionals and as a company. Moreover, it’s also important to team up and help each other – as I’m trying to do with this partnership.