Interviews | December 23, 2020

Daniel Liktor – 2021: A new year for NEUBAU

The MD of NEUBAU, Daniel Liktor, tells us why 2021 is a year of “changing the perspective” for the eyewear brand.

words Editorial Staff

Let’s start from the last words you told us during last Summer (published on Eyebook – October 2020): “concentration, relocation and sustainability”. How the the organization of Neubau will let to meet this goals in a a more effective way?

From January 2021 on NEUBAU will operate as an own entity under the umbrella of Silhouette International. We will strictly focus on some European markets for the first years and on some optical retail partners, who understand and support our vision of being the pioneer in sustainable eyewear.

A new company, detached from Silhouette and totally independent: what will change in your strategy? And what will be the first steps?

Our sustainability concept will be reflected in our overall sales and marketing execution. In future, our wholesale partners will be chosen very selectively to ensure that our brand and its products will be presented to the consumer  definitely fitting their distinct needs. As far as the target markets are concerned, from January 2021 we will be focusing on countries and regions with the highest potential and a visionary customer base within Europe.

Which aspects from the “old” Neubau will be hold and which aspects will be renewed ?

We will stay true to our core values: inspiring, progressive, stylish and idealistic. We created a claim, which reflects our vision and position very clearly: „NEUBAU pioneers of sustainable avantgarde.“ We also updated our visual language.

What do you want to communicate with the rebranding?  Was the rebranding really necessary and compliant with the new philosophy or it’s just a sign of changing for the market?

„Changing the perspective changes the world.“ is our credo for the next year. We are constantly challenging ourselves when it comes to design, production and communication. In our opinion it was time to change our visual appearance, which now is inline with our overall premium approach.

Neubau is changing a lot, but not the people. How the people are essential in this transition and what will be your role in the new organization?

The team is the backbone of the brand. Most of us have been working on NEUBAU for many years, losing this competence would be a disaster. We are happy to keep the team as it is, it will even grow, as we are building our own Sales Team to serve the markets properly in the  future.

“Changing the Perspective”, this is the claim of the new campaign. Why? And what do you want to communicate (especially in this particular moment) ?

With „Changing the perspective“ we want to generate a wake up call, not just within the eyewear and fashion industry. We have to avoid fast production and support slow and sustainable approaches as much as possible.

The new collections Water, Air, Fire and Earth confirm the deep link with the nature and the theme of sustainability that you pursue from the beginning. How these concepts are present in these collections?

The major part of the collection is produced in Linz, Austria and the products are made of our bio-based materials naturalPX (65% bio-based) and natural3D (100% bio-based 3D printing). We are always on the outlook for new possibilities to challenge our product portfolio and production methods as well as the materials. We are all born from nature and we believe that people who live in balance with mother nature are part of the avantgarde. The concepts are displayed in the visual language of the campaign, because the shooting took place in South Africa during the lock down in September 2020 with a local team, the result is great!

How will the product and the design of Neubau will change in the future? Which new elements is already possible to find in the new collections?

We will continue to produce premium eyewear in the future. The segmentation of our portfolio received an update: our evergreen foundation collection is paired with our extravagant studio collection which includes many distinct design products, such as our Walter & Wassily or Côte du Soleil capsule collection. Our product strategy is to increase the studio collection significantly within the next years. We will launch Materials, starting in early 2020 with our Spring/Summer Collection. We love avantgarde design which is recognizable!