Interviews | December 9, 2020

Q&A – Fabbricatorino

Tradition, innovation and sustainability. These are the keywords for Fabbricatorino according to its Ceo Alessandro Monticone, who explains here the evolution of the brand and its innovative business model

words Editorial Staff

Fabbricatorino has its roots in the twentieth century. Can you tell us something about its history?

Our business began with the production of Bakelite components and then got involved in the world  of eyewear at the request of a customer, Auto Diatto. This is how production started for racing driver goggles: the first driver to wear one of our models was Alfieri Maserati. Since then, our commitment to the eyewear sector has continued to grow, and has taken over, so much so that Fabbricatorino was one of the first companies to use acetate.

The desire to innovate has always been part of your business: at the end of 2019, you launched a special e-commerce platform, designed with the customer in mind and promoting the role of the optician…

Yes, a series of questions on the site guides the user in their search for their ideal eyewear, which can be shipped to their home for a free trial before they are directed to the nearest optician for the choice of lenses and specialist advice. We offer both a product and a service, making best use of the optician and accompanying them in the digital transition.

How important is the environment?

Very important. Innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. In January, we presented our first glasses made of recycled acetate. We want to offer a product that is 100% made  in Italy, attentive to craftsmanship and sustainability.

What is FT-LAB?

It is our creative workshop. This project involves young and brilliant designers in the production of limited series models. We have already launched two capsule collections – one co-signed by Giuseppe Buccinnà and the other by Salvatore Vignola.

What are your plans for the future?

I have been at the helm of Fabbricatorino since 2017, and since then we have consolidated our presence on the Italian market and introduced our digital platform. We want to continue to devote ourselves to the projects we have already started and to think about the international market.