Brands | January 8, 2021

Klenze & Baum – Irresistible screwless hinges

Specialists in 3-D printed and custom-made eyewear, from their very first collection the German label Klenze & Baum has presented patented hinges with high level technology. The result is unique

words Maddalena Roncarà

Presenting the next generation of 3D-printed eyewear: Klenze & Baum – a Munich eyewear manufacturer focused on the importance of sustainability and against the throwaway society. The brand has completely embraced the idea of Slow Fashion: “Buy less, choose well, make it last” and its products have a long-lasting guarantee. The idea of sustainability also applies to Klenze & Baum brand’s unique hinges, thanks to a detaching mechanism which operates when these are over-stressed. Everything begins with the first collection Voyou. Here, the patented screwless hinge was constructed for “the tennis-serve to the forehead, stage-diving into a crowd and the revolt against the natural laws”. And from that moment, saying goodbye to frames that break at the slightest impact became an easily achievable reality. The extremely robust hinges of the Voyou collection also feature in the new Sumo collection, dedicated to lovers of voluminous forms who will discover outstanding comfort and wearability and, above all, a style worthy of its name. The patented ball hinge has a unique function: it enables the temple to yield or even dislocate if over-stressed, it can then be effortlessly reattached in seconds. Exchanging temples couldn’t be easier. The flexible end goes around the whole ear and ensures a perfect grip for an optimal sport experience. These are all reasons why the brand offers a five-year warranty on the hinges of the Voyou and Sumo collections. Also designed with robustness in mind, the new collection Asket in titanium and polyamide is big in uniting superlatives: super-light and super-strong, ultra-thin and ultra-flexible. Like all the Klenze & Baum collections, the Asket models can also be customized to one’s liking.