Brands | February 26, 2021

ECO – Eco Ocean

Eco Ocean is the latest collection to be developed by Eco and is made completely from ocean made plastics. There’s a chance of new life for all the waste that pollutes our seas

words Enrico S. Benincasa

It’s not breaking news that our oceans are full of plastics; the presence of ‘islands’ made entirely of this material in the middle of our seas is well documented. Some of them also have a name: like the Pacific Trash Vortex, a conglomerate of plastics in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas. There are plenty of organizations working constantly to offer answers geared to resolving this environmental problem, one of them is Waste free Oceans. This NGO works with fishermen in different parts of the world: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. Its main purpose is to collect all the plastic waste trapped by fishermen’s nets and to give it a new life. Eco, the sustainable brand launched by Modo, has joined forces with WFO and has created a collection for SS21 using material obtained from items found in the sea. The plastic recovered by WFO is checked, cleaned, dried, prepped and transformed into a plastic granule ready to be processed and moulded.

This new raw material has been used by eco to forge its 100% sustainable frames. The collection has been named Eco Ocean and features lightweight and extremely comfortable silhouettes in different shapes and shades. Some of the available colours are inspired by the ‘palette’ of seas and oceans and there are also the classic options of black, olive green and dark blue. The new eco Ocean collection includes optical, polarized and non-polarized sun varieties. There are eight optical frames: there are models especially styled for women; like Kai, with its deep rounded square shape, and Lana, a classic cat-eye. Tide, in particular, with its wayfarer-inspired design, is a frame that will definitely be loved by men. Cove is a classic pantos model with a retro keyhole bridge and Sand is a more rectangular shape with lenses that are rounded at the base; both are eyewear pieces made to suit everyone’s taste. Ford – a round frame with a straight raised brow – completes the optical offering, together with Reef – a classic pantos model with keyhole bridge showing off its curved brows. The sun collection also features four sunglasses with polarized lenses. The cat-eye designs of Laguna and Dune have been created especially for women, with deep rounded lenses for the former and a more angular shape for the latter. Coast is a unisex, classic pantos model with a cool keyhole bridge, whilst Shore is a round sun frame with a straight, raised brow. four further sun non-polarized options complete the eco Ocean collection. Pearl is a women’s cat-eye, its deep curves at the brow line enhancing its shape. Coral is the always-in-style round shape, whilst Salt is a men’s square-shaped model with a flatter brow-line to add a hint of surfer style. The unisex pantos model ‘Wade’ has a slightly curved top brow line and high keyhole bridge.