Campaign | February 17, 2021

Mykita – In Living Color

Mykita’s new 2021 campaign “In Living Color” taken by Mark Borthwick in New York, celebrates the richness of our life 

words Editorial Staff

Mykita launches its 2021 campaign “In Living Color”  with a portfolio of creative New Yorkers taken by Mark Borthwick, who photographed a group of fellow New Yorkers during the course of one day at the end of 2020. Through an authentic approach and natural aesthetic, Borthwick amplifies raw emotions and movement in the sequence of portraits, that reveal the beauty of a characteristic gesture. 

Celebrating the richness of our life, the portraits in rich neon color  saturation capture a culturally diverse community of New Yorkers with a shared creative vision.With a modus operandi that emphasizes the truly personal aspect of Mykita design, the long-time collaborator and friend of the Mykita Haus continues to shape the visual language of the handcrafted eye- wear label from Berlin.