Brands | March 3, 2021

Lindberg – Create your own style

This season, Lindberg proposes three different collections, giving wearers the opportunity to customize every element of the frame to suit their style.  

words Marica Gobbatelli

For the upcoming season, the Danish brand Lindberg presents three collections, with a focus on weight, material and customization. The air titanium line is created from high-quality titanium wire, so each frame weights less than 3 grams. These designs, which are ultra-lightweight, strong and flexible, are both timeless and iconic and are presented in heptagonal shape or in a honeycomb-like pattern, with an inner rim of acetate mounted without adhesives. The strip titanium collection takes its name from the use of strips of titanium and carries all the benefits of this material: being hypoallergenic and durable. The individual elements of the frames are laser-cut from thin plates of quality titanium and formed to create light and stable glasses, characterized by a retro, yet contemporary and modern aesthetic. Some of these classical shapes are also accentuated by a heavier acetate mass in order to present a more dominant style, outlined with thin titanium. Last, but not least, the strip3p collection proposes fashionable and rimless eyewear. This is the essence of Lindberg’s building system in which the customer has the possibility to select shapes, colors and sizes for a personalized look, fit and style. Every pair of glasses is made with a minimalist approach using responsibly sourced and long-lasting materials and it is individually crafted and hand-finished by eyewear specialists.