Brands | March 18, 2021

Mexx – Eyewear for real people

Mexx – the brand that started in Amsterdam with a kiss – has been designing quality eyewear since 1986, taking inspiration from the energy of the city

words Marica Gobbatelli

Created by the visionary entrepreneur Rattan Chadha in 1986, the name Mexx comes from the union of the initials of Rattan’s two brands, plus ‘x’: M is for Moustache the men’s brand, E stands for Emanuelle the women’s brand, ‘xx’ represent two kisses that seal the name. It is for this reason that Mexx is said to have started with a kiss or rather two kisses.  Since that year, the brand which is now part of the OWP group, has been creating everyday eyewear for real people, taking inspiration from the buzz of the multicultural and always-vibrant city of Amsterdam. The Mexx Eyes collection presents optical frames and sunglasses available in different materials: lightweight metal, metal, lightweight stainless- steel and acetate, all of which can be mixed together in order to create touches of tension or contrast effects. The models are also designed in different shapes. including pantoscopic, rectangular or octagonal, each accompanied by trendy shades and colours; from transparent to high gloss and matte. Moreover, each pair of glasses is characterized by an individual feature according to the shape, the material or the style – such as trendy, purist and modern fashionable, full of character and extravagant. These glasses are created to be worn every day by everyone: men women and teens to. Eyewear pieces for those who live the life to the fullest, always preferring authenticity to perfection.