Brands | March 9, 2021

Miga Studio – Bold and light

Miga Studio’s new collection shows strong evidence of its Italian and Asian roots: six high quality models dedicated to the music of Ryūichi Sakamoto

words Mark Renton

Ryūichi Sakamoto is one of the most famous contemporary music composers and a pioneer of the fusion between Eastern ethnic music and Western electronic sounds. In the eyewear world Miga Studio is just like Ryūichi Sakamoto: merging design and traditions in a continuous search for quality. The new acetate collection 2021 by Miga Studio is a reinterpretation of the most iconic concepts of the luxury brand founded by Alessandro Fedalto and KennyK in 2013. It doesn’t fail expectations and confirms the brand’s vocation of research into high quality design, unique materials and the most advanced processing techniques. There is strong evidence of its Italian and Asian roots in this new release: all six models made in Japan are dedicated to the music of Ryūichi Sakamoto and are inspired by some of the brand’s most famous models. The Machiko and Tango models inspired by the Spoiler collection, are made by very dry acetate with bold thicknesses (12 mm). The drying process takes around 6 to 8 weeks and the result is the lightest acetate in the world. The combination of bold volumes and lightness is quite simply astonishing. The wire cores with their Moon surface effect and top lamination on the temple tips are further examples of the high quality found in the Japanese manufacturing tradition. In the Naono and Kizuna models, again inspired by the Spoiler collection and with the same features as the previous ones, the 12 mm Japanese Takiron acetate is merged with the famous Miga Studio Titanium Spoiler. The last 2 models, Koji and Tamago which take their inspiration from architecture, are probably the most complex as regards the manufacturing process. The raw cut on the front is achieved after the 2 cycles and 8 hours of tumbling necessary to smooth the acetate. Another 2 hours of tumbling at the end of the process highlights the effects of the raw cut and provides maximum brightness. All of the models have also been adapted to the asian fitting. The market reaction has been extremely positive: the first release sold out immediately and will be delivered to stores in a pack of 18 (6 for each model) by the end of February. Miga Studio’s clients also really appreciate the colour selection, especially the green havana version of Takiron. “Miga Studio began its story with titanium and aluminium. With this collection we have completed the noble materials of eyewear with an acetate at the highest levels, and a unique process – super drying – thanks to the collaboration with Takiron, the best producer of this material in the world,” says an enthusiastic Alessandro Fedalto. “We are delighted with this launch that fully completes the brand and confirms our awareness of the most advanced technological solutions: the acetate sheet made especially for us with a non-standard thickness of 12 mm, the super drying process to obtain a very light frame and finally the numerical control used to sculpt the acetate and obtain design effects and the raw cut that highlights the brightness of the acetate. The fit of the glasses and customer comfort are not compromised by the bold thicknesses thanks to the lightness obtained from drying. Lastly, this solution allows you to mount even very thick lenses without negatively impacting aesthetics.”