Interviews | March 17, 2021

Q&A – Snob Milano

Creative Director Tommaso Bossetti talks about the new perspectives of the Milan based brand in a market conditioned by the COVID-19 pandemic

words Editorial Staff

How are you facing the new challenges created by the pandemic?

We are aware of the deep transformations due to the pandemic and how COVID-19 is impacting our market. Honestly, since the reduction of sales in 2020. we are now seeing some positive signals, especially from the Mediterranean countries (Italy Turkey, Greece and France). At the moment the worst news is coming from Belgium and the Netherlands in particular. However, we’re respecting all our plans and we’ll present our new collections without delay in this first part of 2021. In December the signals were still not very positive so we decided to wait, but in just a few weeks something has changed and we have decided, unexpectedly to present two new sun models in addition to the six new optical models. 

How could you manage it so quickly?

This is probably our greatest strength we are able to be very flexible and reactive to the changes of the market because we’ve kept all production interna, together with the semi finished products in our warehouse in Venegono Inferiore, not far from Milan. This is very important especially in a moment like this when many brands over the past months have suffered because of cancellations or delays in their supply chains

Can you present your new models?

In these times people need to dream and to look ahead. That’s why we thought that it would be necessary to take on something particular iconic, something that everyone can recognize. The key model of the sun collection will be called ‘Audrey’. It’s inspired by the Frames worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the 1961 is synonymous with a dream. I think that one of eyewear’s missions should be to make this optimism feasible The rest of the production, however, will still be focused on the optical with the clip which is our key distinguishing product. The optical still represents around 85% of all our sales