Notes | April 13, 2021

Face a Face – Spring Summer 2021

The latest creations from Face a Face are part of a collection fashioned with artistic flair and flash colors

words Editorial Staff

The newest creations of Face a Face for its Spring Summer 2021 Sun Collection have been filled with the work of artists such as Maurits Escher, Victor Vasarely or Bridget Riley, that were all contributing to the artistic movement called OP’ART. Creating Optical illusions thanks to their graphical works, these artists confuse the frontier between reality and illusion and blur the senses.  Pascal Jaulent and his Paris design team have fused their conceptual designs with their imagination. Chromatic explorations, bold aesthetics experiences, graphical and technical innovations, the new models are presented according to their conceptual heritage as always with the French brand. The main frame is called Flash and its essence is created through the dynamic play of transparency and colour thus creating a palette of momentum evoking dreams of summer cocktails fused with crystal peach on neon lemon, or pastel blue on crystal blue.