Fairs | April 20, 2021

HOF – Postponement to Spring 2022

The Hall of Frame Weekend in Lucerne is postponed to mid-May 2022

words Editorial Staff

The Hall of Frames Weekend in Lucerne, scheduled for mid-May 2021, gets postponed to Spring 2022. According to the slogan ‘postponed is not abandoned’, the first edition of the Hall of Frames Weekend will take place in the city of Lucerne in mid-May 2022. «We have done a lot of groundwork, such as setting up the electronic platform or acquiring partner hotels and companies in Lucerne», says Nathanaël Wenger, founder and owner of Hall of Frames GmbH. «This work was not in vain. We will be able to build on it for the Hall of Frames Weekend 2022.» From the beginning, it was clear to the organisers that it would not be easy to organise a completely new event in the current pandemic situation. Not planning anything and sitting out the pandemic for the time being was never an option. The credo was to face the uncertainty with flexibility. This also includes the option of postponing the event for a year.