Notes | April 19, 2021

Leisure Society – Spring collection 2021

The Spring collection 2021 by Leisure Society is inspired by Dandyism and pays tribute to the most important Dandy in history. 

words Editorial Staff

Leisure Society by Shane Baum, announces their Spring 2021 release by celebrating the collective expressions of the spirit of “Dandyism” , with timeless aesthetic silhouettes and sustainable construction to last a lifetime. Designer Shane Baum features two pure titanium frame styles called the Corsair and Dorian Gray. The Corsair, named after Lord Byron’s poem The Corsairis built with the finest heirloom quality materials and is handcrafted in Japan.’ Available in various color combinations, the frames are all ion-plated in 12k, 18k, 18k rose gold or 24k gold and are complimented with matte-finish enamel. 

Created with innovative Japanese manufacturing techniques and designed with a timeless aesthetic charm is the second style called the Dorian Gray. This rectangular shape is named after another notable Dandy, Oscar Wilde and his novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.Styled for the modern sophisticate, the Dorian Gray combines a soft-edged rectangular silhouette with a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge in a pure block titanium construction. Additionally, with the various tint lenses, Baum picked the color variations for the dandy wearer to add a touch of individuality and personal expression to their Leisure Society frame. The Summer palette includes Teal, Peach, and Yellow tinted lenses which have been added to the popular Bandini and Presidio styles.