Notes | April 15, 2021

MODO – Red Dot Award

With the R 1000+ Titanium collection MODO won the Red Dot Award

words Editorial Staff

MODO announces that the innovative R 1000 + Titanium collection has been recognized with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, one of the highest marks of quality and design and one of the world’s largest and most recognized design competitions.

With memory plastic and inventive details, the R 1000 + Titanium frames by MODO are super-light and flexible. The collection uses durable and adaptable materials with thoughtful construction to provide a balance of technique and aesthetics. The latest releases keep the collection on the cutting edge of lightweight and resilient eyewear with features like hidden screwless hinges, a new dual-layered color ing technique, and PVD coating technology for a shiny finish on the Beta-titanium temples.