Notes | April 1, 2021

Neubau – Odeeh/Neubau collection

Neubau and the German fashion label Odeeh launch their first joint collection as an ode to their appreciation of materials, fashion and functionality

words Editorial Staff

The new collection by Neubau and Odeeh shows a collective understanding of high-quality materials incorporated with the latest technology and functional features and the color concept of the five models also conveys a contemporary approach to sophisticated design. A unique aspect of this edition is the launch of Neubau’s first glasses made of titanium. Another innovation is the development of a new hinge that works without screws, proving that every little detail is taken into consideration in the production of completely sustainable models. 

Inspired by natural materials like ceramics, the color nuances are an interpretation of warm hues and harmonize perfectly with the clothing designs in Odeeh’s spring/summer 2021 collection.  The collaboration with Neubau began in January 2019 during Berlin Fashion Week and the three optical and two sunglasses models will be available from April 2021 in four matte color nuances.