Notes | April 23, 2021

NEUBAU – Perspectives of pioneers

With a special edition inspired by two marine biologists, NEUBAU pays tribute to the world of the oceans, drawing the attention to the sensitivity of our planet

words Editorial Staff

Inspired by the visionary work of marine biologists and conservationists Lotte and Hans Hass, NEUBAU has created a special edition that is a homage to the fascinating world of the oceans and is drawing our attention to the sensitivity of our planet. With “Perspectives of Pioneers”, NEUBAU is calling on us to change our perspectives and keep a watchful eye on the oceans in order to protect them. The Austrian eyewear label has translated the message of pioneers Lotte and Hans Hass into an avant-gardist design, which is made from a completely sustainable material using state-of-the-art production technology and with the utmost respect for nature and its resources. Based on the aesthetics of the underwater world, the design of the special edition incorporates both classic and futuristic elements.

The sunglasses Lotte & Hans are reminiscent of diving goggles that consist of one single large visor rather than two lenses. Clear, flowing contours and the visor set horizontally within the frame are a reference to the movement of the waves and the depth of the ocean. The sunglasses are available in three colors: Deep Ocean, Paradise Blue and Infinity Black. By using its 100% bio-based material natural3D, which is extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant,  NEUBAU is once again proving that modern design and resource-efficient production can be perfectly combined. Innovations like these emphasize the brand’s pioneering spirit and demonstrates the idea behind the collection: that seeing things from a different perspective can open up whole new horizons.