Fairs | May 24, 2021

BOLD – Moved to June

Due to the pandemic situation, BOLD is moved to June 2021

words Editorial Staff

Given the current pace of easing, BOLD is moved to June 13 & 14, 2021. The end of May initially seemed like a good date but the decline in infections and hospitalizations is not yet sufficiently visible. Therefore, a new date so that BOLD has a better chance of holding the fair. Here’s the list of all the participants: 27 Degrees, Albert I’M Stein, Alf, AO (American Optical), art&jack, Baruch Eyewear, CATUMA, Charmossas, ColibriS, Dada Eyewear, Dokomotto, Emmanuelle Khanh Paris, FitOfar, Frame & I, Frank Custom, FreudenHaus, Gold & Wood, GOUV/AU, Gouverneur, Grafix, H E L D E N, Haffmans und Neumeister, Jisco Eyewear, Kaleos Collection, l.a.Eyeworks, LAIBACH & YORK, Lamarca Eyewear, Leisure Society, LOCCO, LookOfar, Lunetterie Générale, MASUNAGA, MASUNAGA x KENZO TAKADA, MonkeyGlasses, Monoceros, NEON BERLIN, neubau eyewear, Oliver Goldsmith London, Opticlip, OtrO Eyewear, Pierre Eyewear, Proud Packaging, Rolf Spectacles, Sabine Be, Suzy Glam, TARIAN, Top Vision Group, Tree Spectacles, Veronika Wildgruber, VioRou, VM L’Atelier, Voor’t Optiek, ZipZap and Zeiss Vision Care.