Notes | May 3, 2021

Covrt Project – Reflect your attitude

London’s independent brand, Covrt Project, releases first optical frames in a bold, avantgarde series. 

words Editorial Staff

Covrt Project brings its innovative style with a new series of four frames. The optical designs have a layered construction with a base frame in the brand’s signature black and the optical layer, created with bespoke eye shape and PD, also features a new design solution for the rim lock. Eliminating the traditional style lock mechanism and reducing weight, the optical section has been built with a perforated edging at the sides, from where the lens can be installed or removed. All the base frames are available in Covrt Project signature black with the optical component offered in black or raw silver. The new optical styles MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5 are produced in lightweight CNC milled steel. MP2 is a D-shaped frame based on the sunglass style MP2 in the ‘Mission One’ collection, with a modified structure derived from the concept of the first single visor sun lens.The result is the same design of the sunglass with a fine-tuned pared down construction suited to ophthalmic lenses. MP3 is based on the square-shaped mask, with a double bridge design which enhances the geometric construction of the front. The result is a bold and fearless futuristic aviator style. The hexagonal-shaped MP4 design is more conventional in the appearance of the individual lenses which are layered over the main frame and bolted on in the signature style of the brand. The high double bridge adds a unique dynamic to this geometric design and an interesting combination with the sleek minimal lines of the temples. Eventually, MP5 has a completely distinctive tech design with a modified square lens shape, with the optical section coming in one piece.