Notes | May 10, 2021

Good’s – The dYmenZion-X line

The new dYmenZion-X line by Good’s presents a new way to observe men’s infinite dimensions.

words Editorial Staff

Good’s launches the dYmenZion-X line, a new way to observe men’s infinite dimensions. X, Y, Z, width, height and depth develop, in Good’s glasses, a new perspective into the Architecture Collection. The most loved models, redesigned  by the Creative Director of the brand, Francesco Maria Stazio, change dimension and are enriched with new unpublished details.Three of the seven new models, dedicated to great masters of Italian architecture, experiment with new calibers to adapt to different face shapes. The concept of tailoring is the innovative element of the entire line, from the bridge of the Alberti model to the adjustable temples of the Antonelli and Luzzatto models

The continuous changing of dimensions characterizes not only the space, but also the man who lives in it. This is how the Neapolitan brand talk about the new models, through the dYmenZion-X of its founders. Their passions become the scenario in which the new models are presented to the public: from the historic Neapolitan tailor’s shop Pirozzi, to the wonderful Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, where you can appreciate all the landscape aesthetics of Naples. In this otherworldly dimension time stops to collect wonderful shots of the new models. The message that the brand wants to convey, through this work of design, aesthetics and communication, is to “look beyond”, travel through the various dimensions of space and soul and find, at the end of the journey, its own dYmenZion-X.