Stores & Opticians | May 14, 2021

Ray-Ban – The first store in Naples

Ray-Ban opens its first store in the hearth of Naples 

words Editorial Staff

Ray-Ban announces the opening of the first store in Naples, in the hearth of the city. The purpose of the brand and of the store is to take the identity of Ray-Ban in the city, creating a coherent concept with the values of the brand and representative of the city of Naples. It is possibile to identify in different elements of the store the strong dialogue between the brand and the city, the first point of contact is the floor made with cobblestones in volcanic lava, a typical material easy to find walking around the city. Another bond is represented by a careful choice of colors, especially red which represents the color of the brand, but it is also a color present in the memory of the citizens. The interior spaces are divided into a series of rooms, each of which interspersed with portals covered with copper green, a material that recalls that of the Neapolitan roofs oxidized by time, enriched with a double insert of light applied inside the profile.

There are also two areas that stand out most within the store: the first is the Custom Lab located on the ground floor and visible from the large showcase on the street. A room entirely dedicated to the customization of the product characterized by a cascade of copper boxes oxidized on the walls that run along the entire perimeter for the entire height. On the second floor there is the second area, entirely dedicated to icons. A system of boxes interspersed with large digital strips of ledwall enhances the brand’s iconic models with descriptive texts accompanying the client in a  journey through the history of the iconic Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Round models.There could not be a strong digital presence: a large ledwall at the entrance of the shop skirts the side of the escalator, made of glass and metal, and then reopens again on the upper floor.