Notes | May 13, 2021

SALT. – The C1-21 collection

The new C1-21 collection by SALT. features models in acetate and titanium to provide the highest optical experience

words Editorial Staff

The new C1-21 Collection by SALT. features acetate and titanium models specifically crafted to provide the highest optical experience for the wearer. The collection is composed by nine different silhouettes, both sun and optical, available in various colors and sizes. Five of them are made in acetate, while four in titanium. SALT. is committed in using only the most premium handmade cellulose acetate available on the market. The company’s choice is a Japanese handmade acetate, 100% hypoallergenic and totally sustainable. The models are equipped with pins and real rivets to ensure that the frames can be adjusted and repaired over time, providing always a perfect fit. The models are in mono-block acetate, so the nose pads are carved out of the same acetate substrate of the frames. Design details such as thickness and bevel of the frame guarantee that any stress will not be transferred to the lens. SALT. uses only proprietary sun lens with the most advanced coatings, filters and materials to find the perfect balance between colors, contrast and light transmission.

As for the acetate world, SALT. used Japanese hypoallergenic titanium that provides a stunning strength to weight ratio, giving even bold frames a featherweight feel. Proprietary titanium thickness transitions and bevel placement provide stability where needed most, securing the lens properly in the frame while avoiding any stress to the lens.