Notes | June 9, 2021

GIGI Studios – The Teens collection

The new Teens collection by Gigi Studios  is made up of 12 models that adapt the brand’s style to teenagers and slim-faced adults

words Editorial Staff

GIGI Studios TEENS is the new collection from GIGI Studios created especially for teenagers and slim-faced adults. A segment that currently has very few, well-designed options on the market. The new GIGI Studios Teens models are a reflection of the brand’s avant-garde, eclectic nature in a smaller-sized version. A collection made in an extensive, vibrant palette of colours ranging from pinks to dark blues, passing through turquoise greens. Modern, unisex and women’s designs conceived to meet the expressive requirements of a demanding, creative target group that is well-versed in fashion and the latest trends. The collection is made up of 12 optical models, six in stainless steel and six in acetate. All of them are available in four colours. In metal, the hexagonal and square shapes stand out. In acetate, the translucent shades define shapes ranging from hexagonal to rectangular.

Amongst the acetate models, the collection has designs such as JUNE, ZOE or TIANNA that are crafted in laminations that combine different colour shades. In stainless steel, the MAYA model, with Windsor rim around the upper part, or the hexagonal-shaped MOON and NAIA with rims painted in different colours define a collection with very up-to-date, wearable designs. TEENS is added to GIGI Studios’ catalogue, becoming the fifth collection by the brand, following Vanguard, Icons, Men and Lab. With the incorporation of TEENS, GIGI Studios is completing its collection and is positioning itself as an all-inclusive brand, which offers a product that is adapted to all the different target groups.