Brands | June 22, 2021

Kerl – The beauty in lightness

Thanks to the innovative properties of Flexarbon, the German technology of Kerl Eyewear combines the search for lightness with the need for beauty and flexibility. And the clients take part in the design process

words Mark Renton

Kerl demonstrates technology can also be attractive. Young, innovative and ‘a step forward’ attitude: these are the distinguishing features of Kerl the German brand which has pioneered carbon fiber eyewear. The founders were not satisfied with finding a light, resistant and flexible material to design their frames, they also aspired to making it beautiful and fitting it with the client’s needs. With Flexarbon, their own carbon material especially created for eyewear, the brand introduced a new material to the eyewear industry, resulting in the lightest rim-frame in the world – a frame which really does only weigh as much as a sheet of paper. All parts of the frame are produced in-house in their production studios in Northern Germany and the frames are finished in the beautiful surroundings of the vineyards in Bernkastel-Kues. But Kerl’s activity does not stop with the creation of innovative materials for glasses; the official launch of the first premium online configurator is the brand’s latest achievement. With the use of the latest 3D-technology available online, clients and opticians can create their individual pairs of Flexarbon glasses. The clients become part of the design process by choosing their preferred shape to then start creating online. It is possible to choose colour editions, pin colour, lenses, sun or optical, as well as packaging and it is even possible to have a personal engraving on the inner temple carrying a personal message. Completely unique and made on demand: a 100% Zero Waste principle

Kerl is working with optical partner stores, so the optician is part of the online-shopping process as well and earns money when clients buy online. The client can always choose to pick up his or her glasses in the nearest store and even get the lenses made directly at Kerl’s partner store. As partner opticians, the stores have a bigger assortment of glasses available to show and to create with their customers. Measuring and lenses can be done directly at the opticians and Kerl delivers the custom-made frame. The material Flexarbon does not only bring flexibility to the carbon, it results in a unique surface structure. By creating and using their very own colours, Kerl makes a statement in design. These colours are the result of innovatively dyed carbon fibers ranging from raw-black via subtle raw-coffee to hip raw-star or raw-gold. The material sometimes looks more like slate or wood and is therefore an aesthetic alternative to the typical carbon patterns seen so far. “Kerl is the perfect example of how the incredible properties of carbon have been transferred to eyewear in introducing the material Flexarbon” in the words of Johannes Dillinger, CTO and Co-Founder of Kerl. “A proprietary process for dyeing the dry carbon fibers embeds the colours under the surface. The result is extreme durability, completely resistant to environmental influences. A unique surface structure of spread fibers for an understated and elegant appearance.”