Brands | June 29, 2021

VAVA – Architectural styles

The eyewear capsule collection by Vava x Kengo Kuma is the result of new technologies combined with a taste for design and an architectural inspiration

words Marica Gobbatelli

The Portuguese eyewear company Vava and the globally acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma have developed a capsule collection of eyewear inspired by Kengo Kuma’s works, blending architecture and design into an iconic 3D printed eyewear collection. There are two main concepts at the base of the collection: the traditional Japanese Kumiki technique, a wooden building technology where grooved wood pieces are joined together to form three-dimensional objects, and the process of weaving, fundamental in the production of architecture. Since Vava is inspired by architecture, Kengo Kuma’s works have always been a great source of inspiration for the brand whose designs share many of the architect’s ‘visions’; like Kuma’s architectural style of rediscovering the tradition of Japanese buildings and of reinterpreting these traditions in contemporary architecture for the 21st century. The capsule is a 3D printed collection, created with a high quality, polyamide biobased powder made from castor oil using a process called laser sintering where a laser melts together the polyamide particles, building the frame layer by layer only using the minimum material required. Castor oil is, moreover, a high-performance sustainable material extracted from the seeds of the castor plant and this polyamide, called polyamide 11, is a thermoplastic polymer that demonstrates excellent chemical resistance, high UV resistance, low water re-uptake and high density. It has been specifically developed for 3D printing, with good control of particle size and thermal properties. To celebrate this collaboration, Vava invited André Brito, the fashion and nude photographer based in Porto, to create the photographic record for the campaign.