Brands | July 8, 2021

Düsseldorf Eyewear – A game of happiness, passion and affinity

Düsseldorf Eyewear presents its 3 collections designed autonomously in-house

words Editorial Staff

Düsseldorf Eyewear’s range consists of 3 collections where both the frames and the design have been developed autonomously in-house. All the models are characterized by accentuated elements and clear designs and are created in materials like stainless steel, nylon and titanium. The ‘Happiness’ collection presents frames in stainless steel and nylon. The latter is more pleasant when compared to the acetate models ensuring comfort, whilst stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. The same properties are to be found in the ‘Passion’ collection, which impresses with its exclusive use of stainless steel. Lastly, the ‘Affinity’ collection is made of titanium, an extremely high-quality material abrasion and scratch resistant and anti-allergenic as it is nickel-free. All the collections can feature a clip-on to quickly transform frames into sunglasses and each year sees their expansion either with new frames or by incorporating innovations to frames which have already been released.