Cleto Munari

Art and color

Words Antonella Reina


With an artistic production spanning 50 years, Cleto Munari brings his extraordinary creativity to eyewear, with a collection of signature pieces, balanced between art and design

Not taking oneself seriously is one of the most powerful drivers of the extraordinary energy that Cleto Munari (in the opening picture) infuses into each of his creations, ranging from design to art and often fusing the two worlds. It also happened with his first eyewear collection, presented last September at Ottica Mondelliani in Rome. «We are honored to host Cleto Munari who in his collection contains everything we like: colour, irony, design» declared Federico Mondello, owner of Mondelliani, together with his mother Rosaria Riccioli. Passionate not only about glasses, but also about art and design accessories, the 'Mondelliani' are known above all for their scrupulous and futuristic research work which, over the years, has allowed them to find and offer eyewear models to their customers more extraordinary, becoming a point of reference in the Roman panorama for those looking for innovative and unconventional glasses. Immersed in the historic center of the capital, the shop window in via dei Prefetti 11 hosted an absolute preview of the famous artist's collection, made up of 13 models, 10 optical, 2 sunglasses and one in a limited series, available in 2 color variations. A collection imbued with joy and genius, crossed by a playful thread: a play of concave and convex shapes, created through sculptural manufacturing techniques, capable of giving life to a unique design. In the creations, balanced between art and design, each sheet of cellulose acetate contains 3 colors in unique combinations, tailor-made by Mazzucchelli, to produce a volumetric effect. «Color is much more than a 'verb' for me: it is an essence like form» declared Munari, who regarding his creative imagination said: «Design is the art of representing the world in forms, it is a translation of creative thought in joy, geometry and color.»

Mod. Camalote

Mod. Camalote

Mod. Abelia

Mod. Abelia

Ottica Mondelliani

Federico Mondello & Rosaria Riccioli

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